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Fresher Information 2020


Welcome to Albies!


We are looking forward to welcoming our Freshers to Albies in 2020!

To assist our new students in their preparations for arrival at St Albert’s College, below you will find some useful information about Albies, along with suggestions on what to bring along with you.

What should I bring?

  • Suitable clothing for the Armidale climate, which is particularly cold during the winter months.
  • Suitable outfits for our formal occasions, the dress code for these occasions range from black tie to coat and tie.
  • Personal toiletries and towel.

Not Permitted

  • Illegal drugs or other dangerous substances or weapons of any kind
  • Pets (only Goldfish allowed)


Your room is furnished with a sink and mirror, shelving, bedside table, bin, desk, desk lamp, chair, heater, a king single bed, doona, linen, a pillow and large wardrobe for storage.

Items you might want to bring

  • Coffee mug, teaspoon and glass
  • Blue Tac or 3M Commander hooks for wall decorations
  • Posters or photos
  • Small bar fridge, TV and fan
  • Plastic containers with tight lids for storing snacks
  • Computer/Laptop, power board and headphones. Wifi is available throughout the College
  • Stationery, sewing kit, musical instruments
  • Hair dryer
  • Washing powder, pegs and clothes hangers
  • Bicycle and helment (we have a secure bike shed)

Room Allocations

Room allocations will be advised to you when you arrive.

We make every attempt to meet requests for particular rooms or areas and it is possible to register a request for a room change should the need arise.

Your room is your space and you are responsible for whatever happens in it, including the conduct of your visitors. College staff will not enter your room without your agreement except in emergencies or where there is a reasonable belief of some danger to the inhabitant or the College a a whole (the exception to this is the cleaners entering to clean your room weekly). You will be notified of any emergency access to your room.

On arrival you will be asked to sign a room-check form to confirm that your room was clean, fully furnished and in good condition when you take possession. You will be charged for any repairs, replacements or extraordinary cleaning deemed necessary by the Deputy Principal when you vacate.

When do I start?

  • First year students may take up their places from 10am to 3pm  on Sunday 16th February 2020.
  • Wellness Week
    • Wellness week is a program designed to make you more comfortable with life at university. It will run from the 16th February – 23rd February 2020.
  • Orientation Week – O Week
    • O Week is a program designed to prepare you for your academic journey at UNE. It will run from the 24th February – 28th February 2020
  • Lectures
    • Lectures commence on Monday 2nd March 2020


Under no circumstances will our office give out names, room or phone numbers of people living at the College.

Insurance – Contents

The College Insurance Policy covers the contents of individual resident rooms up to a sum of $3000, provided the room was locked when theft or damage took place. An excess of $100 applies to this policy. Students are encouraged to have their belongings covered by the way of extension of their parent’s house and contents policy.

There are security cameras located throughout the College.

Insurance – Student Accident

Student Care Insurance can help cover your students if they have an accident. It can provide a number of benefits including lump sum payments for various injuries, weekly payments, and reimbursements for relevant expenses.

Additional information regarding the specifics of this cover are provided at check-in.

Student ID Card

Students are now able to apply for their UNE Student ID Card prior to arriving at College and time will be available during Wellness week to collect these.  Click here to apply for UNE Student ID Card

UNE Parking

Parking at St Albert’s College is free, however, to park on the UNE Campus grounds you will need to display a Blue Parking Permit which costs $92 for the year or $47 for a Trimester. For more information on how to obtain a a permit click on the link below.

UNE Parking Permits

Should you have any questions regarding your arrival at Albies on the 16th of February, please do not hesitate to contact the College Office on (02) 5733 5200 or email