COVID-19 Response

St Albert’s College will be available for our students who require the support as a place of residence in Trimester Two. The College will adhere to government regulations, and work to ensure that mitigants are in place to deal with inherent risks identified by Board and Management.

As expected, Government legislation at the time of return will be the major determining factor of our capability to support our students. At present students are able to move freely between residences, and the NSW Borders unlike our surrounding states are open.

Please see below the plan outlining the process for returning students as well as the protocols in place in preparation for Trimester 2.


Returning to Albies and Armidale

  • All students and staff from hotspots as identified on the Covid-19 Site to be tested for Covid-19 and show results in the week prior to Trimester 2 commencement.
  • Expectation that all students remain transparent with College administration about their movements prior to arrival, and any risks that may have been associated with their arrangements in the weeks leading up to arrival.
  • Students to sign agreement to ensure that they remain in Armidale and understand that process would have to be done again should they choose to leave the town for any reason during the Trimester.
  • Temperature check upon arrival
  • All students and staff requested to have a flu shot asap.
  • Strongly encourage download of the Covid-Safe app as this will allow immediate notification to all students and staff should a case occur.
  • Staggered enrolment process – maximum thirty students per day on a rostered timetable.
  • When travelling within Armidale students must maintain social distancing protocols as expected by other members of the Armidale community.
  • There will be an isolation block (Residential Block) – please be aware that this will necessitate a change of rooms for some students prior to commencement.


Transmission of Covid-19 linked to social interactions and community living


(Social Gatherings)

  • Maintaining current restrictions regarding the organisation of events. This means that until these restrictions are eased there will be NO organised events at the College. The restrictions on social events will be continually reviewed in accordance with government announcements.
  • This statement would be visible throughout the college and communicated prior to arrival and included in documentation which needs to be signed.
  • No visitors allowed in residential blocks.

(Dining Hall)

  • With current restrictions of 1.5 metre spacing the College is comfortable that the dining hall can sit 100 students with a maximum of four students per table.
  • Staggered meal times will further limit this number.
  • Continue with current use of take-away containers, and vigilance with hygiene for kitchen staff.
  • Cleaning of tables and chairs between sittings. Investigating a process for students to take responsibility for the cleaning of the chairs.


  • Delegation of specific toilets and showers to students.
  • Increased cleaning of toilet and showers (daily)

(Ongoing Cleaning and Hygiene)

  • Currently there are contactless hand sanitising stations at the entrance to each block including administration and entrance to servery
  • Cleaning and catering staff requested to wear protective glasses, gloves and face masks.
  • Staff who are at risk due to age or medical complications will remain on stand-down.
  • Daily check-in process, formally confirming their wellbeing, and regular temperature checks.


Covid-19 Symptoms and Action Plan


Any staff or student presenting symptoms of fever, cough, flu like, should be tested immediately and placed in self-isolation.


  1. Isolated in our isolation block (Residential Block) – please be aware that this will necessitate a change of rooms for some students prior to commencement.
  2. Compulsory testing
  3. If negative, return to block when well.
  4. If positive: 14 day lock down in isolation block, and through Covid-App all those in contact must get tested and be placed in lockdown.
  5. Meals to be delivered to block by staff member only wearing PPE.
  6. Ensure local GP is a part of process and regular contact with HNE Health.
  7. Cleaning of block would be intensive – (Government agencies sourced and utilised)


Once again, the College aims to align itself with government regulations and support our students to have a safe and successful Trimester Two. Currently Colleges around Australia are operating at a diverse range of levels from capacity through to complete closure. The UNE residential system is supporting approximately 300 students successfully, and St Albert’s aims to support our students to succeed. The College foresees a maximum of 160 students residing at College in Trimester Two, therefore operating at 50% of capacity.