Academic FI 2


The residents of the Colleges at UNE all come to university to gain a degree, so academic is the primary role of all colleges.

St. Albert’s College seeks to achieve this excellence in a number of ways:

  • The College specifies that Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, throughout each trimester are Academic nights. Wednesday night is fondly referred to as Nerd Night, where all residents can study by themselves, in groups or seek the assistance of an Academic Advisor or Tutor in the college dining room. The final two weeks prior to the university exam period are specified as the Exam Curfew to assist students in their final exam preparations.
  • Academic Advisors are allocated to look after different academic areas. These advisors provide an academic support program that guides each first year student in their area, to adapt to university study and to help them pass their first year of study.
  • The Senior Common Room provides their time and assistance to students.
  • Importantly, when you have a problem with your studies, the College will be either able to help you directly or guide you to the best person to assist you to achieve the best results that you are able to achieve.