2020 Annual Giving Appeal




Dear Albies Alumni and Friends,


Now more than ever in these fragile times, Albies recognises the benefit that tight knit communities bring to the wellbeing and success of young men and women. This is especially true as they transition from school to university for the short period that prepares them for the leap to the workforce. Recent years have seen a very successful period for the College both in terms of student retention, as well as feedback we’ve been given for the value add that Albies offers every individual who resides here.


Unfortunately, these are tough times for young men and women in terms of both job opportunities and security. To that end, as with all great institutions we are seeking the philanthropic support of our broader community to assist Albies, as UNE’s only Independent College. It is our goal to support our students through their journey, as well as assisting the College itself to upgrade facilities to meet current and evolving standards of safety and comfort to ensure we remain competitive in a market  which has become increasingly challenged in recent years.


We would be enormously appreciative of any effort you can make, at whatever level, to help our team ensure that Albies remains a connected community of aspiration, friendship and great times.


Once you’re Albies, you’re Albies for life!


With sincerest thanks and best wishes,





It is our goal to offer every Fresher an incentive to join Albies. This is due to the financial strain we see many of the students face in their first Trimester at University. We aim to support each of these 110-120 students annually to the tune of $2000 reduction in fees for first Trimester. This would make an enormous difference to both their wellbeing, as well as their ability to take the plunge and thrive as you have because of the Albies experience.


To that end, we are challenging each Fresher Year throughout our history to assist the College to support every Fresher annually. We recognise that individually this request is not an easy task. Although, together great things can be achieved for every individual. We would be honoured should you see value in joining your peers, and the College community more broadly, to empower our Fresher cohort in 2021 and beyond.


St. Albert’s College always appreciates the ongoing support of our many stakeholders. The College prides itself on offering outstanding facilities and excellent experiences for our student body and broader community. To achieve these goals, St. Albert’s recognises that the support of our community is imperative to continue to offer the best of experiences to students who, in some cases, are unable to support themselves financially. We greatly appreciate any philanthropic contribution to the ongoing viability of our great College.


St. Albert’s is renowned for bringing out the best in our students, whilst still upholding the core values of community engagement and support. The ability to produce outstanding young men and women who are contributors to society across numerous endeavours is something we believe in strongly. We aim to offer scholarships to those students who personify the values of the College or are in need.




The College remains committed to ensure all students have the opportunity to remain at St Albert’s College, should they experience financial hardship. At present there are College funded bursaries of approximately $35,000. The SCR contributes up to $12,000 annually through its own scholarship program and it is the College’s desire to transfer these funds towards our 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.
The College is also focused on developing leaders, through the provision of leadership discounts for students in 2nd year and above. In 2019, these equated to nearly $220,000 all fully funded by the College.
The two reasons above, along with the opportunity for students to earn a good income over the Trimester 3 period (October – February) and access Youth Allowance makes returning to College for a second year and beyond far more accessible.

Ideally, a $2000 scholarship will be applied to their first Trimester payment. In 2020, this would have equated to a little over a 25% discount from their Trimester 1 fees.
Whilst we are hoping that annual campaign will generate enough to provide $2000 to all Fresher students, should this not be possible the College would divide the funds raised equally amongst the cohort and the College would continue to use its bursary allocations to help those most in need. Student’s would be informed of their scholarship amount, with their first bill and should they wish to pass this onto another student the College would collate these funds and divide amongst the remaining students to be deducted from their Trimester 2 fees.
The College has also agreed that any funds generated (interest included) through our annual fresher scholarship program will be allocated to the ensuing Fresher cohort. Any funds raised in 2020 will be spent in the February of 2021.

Whilst, the act of giving is not about acknowledgement and many donors will want to remain anonymous. The College is keen for the benefactors to be aware of those who have contributed to their Albies journey. We invite individuals or groups to indicate type of student they are keen to support (gender, location, degree, etc). As part of the College’s strategy to connect current students and Alumni, we are keen to implement a process for students to thank and hopefully meet those people who have donated to their experience.

We are challenging each Fresher Year throughout our history to assist the College to support every Fresher annually. We recognise that individually this request is not an easy task. Although, together great things can be achieved for every individual. We would be honoured should you see value in joining your peers, and the College community more broadly, to empower our Fresher cohort in 2021 and beyond.






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If you would like the opportunity to become a part of the Albies Legacy, purchase a paver today. Your paver will be stamped with your preferred name and/or personal message. Part of your purchase will contribute to assisting students and families in need of financial support.


To date, we have 36 pavers in the ground, and plenty of room for more!


If you would like to become a permanent part of the Albies Legacy, safeguarding our collegiate experience for future generations of students, please contact Mrs Mary Wright, Director of Advancement on 0407 728 211, or email her at mwright@stalberts.com.au




Albies is calling for donations to upgrade our blocks so we can continue to offer our students high quality facilities and provide them with their home away from home. The building fund is working to secure the capital infrastructure of the college. So far, we have upgraded our dining hall, expanding the space to cater for more people and create room for our students to study outside of meal times. An extensive maintenance and upgrade program is currently underway at the College, however we need your ongoing support to continue moving forward. Your donation will ensure we are well equipped to cater for future generations of students and other stakeholders for years to come. All donations to the building and scholarship funds are tax deductible






A significant level of consideration goes into leaving a bequest of any type. By making a bequest to Albies you are investing in the future of Albies and the generations to come and your legacy can be directed in whatever direction you wish (scholarships, bursaries etc). You can read our bequest clause here: Bequest Clauses to St Albert’s College

Please contact Mary Wright with any enquiries regarding bequests. When considering leaving a bequest it is advisable to consult your legal adviser.

Please specify which initiative you would like to benefit from your donation or alternatively contact Mrs Mary Wright via mwright@stalberts.com.au or 0407 728 211.

All donations are tax deductible.